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Terracotta Home and Garden
In the East Village

4070 Burton Drive
Cambria, CA 93428

(805) 203-5678


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Terracotta Home and Garden store exterior
Terracotta Home and Garden exterior sign

To me, home is where the heart always was.

When it was time to start Terracotta Home and Garden, I always knew it’d be back here in Cambria. I was raised here, got my first job here, went to school here, and it’s here that I start my next chapter.

After living in Southern California for 30 years, it was time to return to my one true home. When the opportunity presented itself, there wasn’t a second thought about moving back to the central coast, to pursue my dreams and remain close to my parents (who still live here). In Cambria, I share my passions with my neighbors–both new and old–and serve my community, away from the fast lifestyle and loud noises.

My work life has also allowed me to travel across the nation, where I would always fit time in my schedule to check out the local stores, whether it be hardware, vintage, or boutique. Every store was unique and personified that small-town feel I’ve always admired.

My hobbies, past experience, and a serendipitous homecoming culminate into the foundation of Terracotta. With the aid of history and community, I combine my life experiences into one dream, which leans closer toward reality each day. Blending my interests of gardening, nature, and design goes hand-in-hand with the town that holds a special place in my heart.

Cambria has changed a little bit since I last lived here, but the culture remains the same. As an independent small business, Terracotta Home and Garden only seeks to add a little personal charm to the cozy East Village.

It’s been a long time since I worked my first job serving ice cream as a teenager but the mission remains the same: give back to the community that shaped me as a person.

Jacqueline Norgan, Proprietor
Terracotta Home and Garden

Cambria California sunset and tree